Dot Fiftyone is announcing their move; the gallery will be the most recent transplants to what will turn into the new Miami´s emerging destination for the live arts: Little River at 7275 NE 4th Ave, Miami FL 33138, - Rail 71st Complex. 


Rail 71st, served as one of the many holding docks for goods, which would be transported around the city and the state through the rail system. Now, in the near future, this structure will host a gamut of professional and creative venues alongside Dot Fiftyone Gallery, opened in Wynwood since 2002. Their new location will have over 3000 feet of space, which will allow to mount aspiring exhibitions and performances. 


“Being that the city [Miami] has grown exponentially in a economic level, neighborhoods are changing their colloquial characteristic.” Guzman said  “To keep our essence, and following the growth of the city, alongside several other established local galleries, we have decided to relocate to Little River” 


Perelman has conjunctionally expresses “I am elated with the forthcoming changes. The space is great and it’s in the middle of Mimo, Little River and Little Haiti. This new location will be more accessible and easier for our prospective and current collectors to visit - less exhausting Miami traffic”


“Maybe Little River will be overrun with art galleries, or maybe it will be turned into a bunch of condos, but right now it feels like the place to be.” (Perelman and Guzman)


By Catalina Ayubi – Byckovas POSTED 07/05/16 

Dot Fiftyone Gallery 
7275 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL 33138




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7275 NE 4th Ave #101
Miami, Florida 33138 
United States 

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