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" In 2003, Dot Fiftyone Gallery began life in a dingy area of 36th Street in Miami’s Design District. The “fiftyone” referred to the address of 51 NW 36th Street. 51/50 is a typical slang term from police code meaning crazy and violent, which was the neighborhood’s modus operandi before daring artists and galleries plonked down one by one over the past decade plus. Opening across the street and on the heels of Bernice Steinbaum (2000), this was a radical move as galleries followed artists into a new deep rabbit hole of creativity. This dot on Miami’s artistic landscape is more than just a precise speck, but part of the movement to “create a conduit between the artists and the community local and global, by generating a flexible and mobile structure accessible to all,” to quote the gallery’s specifics...."


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+1 305 573 9994


7275 NE 4th Ave #101
Miami, Florida 33138 
United States 

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