Group Exhibit// The Meaning Machine

February 12, 2015 – March 30. 2015
Opening Reception:
Thursday February 12th
7 pm – 11 pm 

“The Meaning Machine”  - Daniela Luna, Martin Legon and Ariel Cusnir

Dot Fiftyone (Guzman – Perelman) Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition “The Meaning Machine”  - Daniela Luna, Martin Legon and Ariel Cusnir

"The Meaning Machine" integrates three different views on the complexities of the human experience and our necessities to create meaning in order to navigate our existence. All recent works by Daniela Luna, Martin Legon and Ariel Cusnir, most of them generated specifically for this project. They work on issues like human capacities, life and death, connectedness in technologic times, reflexions over what it means to be human, alive, and over art itself.  

The exhibition coincides with the 10 year anniversary of APPETITE gallery ( ) that once carved new trends in the Argentinian art scene. The three artists produced influential work at the gallery since its origins in 2005.

About the artists:

Daniela Luna 

Buenos Aires, 1977

Lives and works in Miami

Daniela Luna created and directed APPETITE gallery. She produced numerous projects as artist and curator, as well as entrepreneur, writer, and in a diversity of other trades, usually blurring the distinction between them. Always pushing the limits, her work spans subjects between economy, consumerism, sexuality, sociology, and media. Most of her work as an artist include relational and performance elements. Some projects include: Appetite Gallery (Buenos Aires 2005/2010); WARCLUB Party & Club (Buenos Aires 2008/2009); TANTO DESEO gallery/store about desire (Buenos Aires 2007/2008); Frieze Art Fair, APPETITE booth, curator/artist (London 2008); “Everything can fall” installation/performance at Memorial of America Latina (São Paulo 2009), “Geopolitical fairies” performance at Vilnius Graphic Center (Vilnius 2009), “Do it Fast Wrong” relational project (Beijing 2011/2012). 


Project “Research and Development of Best Damn Me”

Brought to you by the Center for Study of Human Experience (not yet incorporated). Daniela Luna submits herself to a series of experiments designed to question and possibly answer some fundamental aspects of the human condition. What are the limits of human potential? How does one transcend them? Can we design a better future or present for ourselves? What would it take?

The Center will be conducting the experiments and research through its Laboratory of Experiential Analysis and Design, using pioneering human-machine relational devices (smartphones) to track its Subject's every move. "This quantified self cannot lie, but will it reveal the truth about who we all are?", argues the Laboratory lead researcher.

The project with code name “ Best Damn Me" will be exhibiting at Dot Fiftyone gallery its head case study based on Subject A-314 for public review. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in the experiment and experience the potential of human design.

Martin Legón

Buenos Aires, 1978

Lives and works in Buenos Aires

He studied Literature at the University of Buenos Aires and received the prestigious Beca Kuitca - UTDT 2010/2011. In 2009 he obtained a scholarship to the National Building Fund granted by the National Arts and Fellowship" Artists Program" coordinated by Jorge Macchi at the University Torcuato Di Tella. Invited artist to the 30th Sao Paulo Biennial "The Imminence of Poetics" curated by Luis Perez Oramas.

He participated in numerous national and international group exhibitions of which may be emphasized: The National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina (MNBA), The Modern Museum of Buenos Aires (MAMBA), the gallery Gentil Carioca in Rio de Janeiro, Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia, Spain, at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires (MAMBA), Proa Fundation in Buenos Aires, Parque de la Memoria Commission on Monuments to the Victims of State, Sao Paulo´s Baró Cruz Gallery, Blanca Soto Gallery Madrid, Spain, the Talent Preview at White Box Gallery in New York, and the project by Appetite at Frieze Art Fair in London.

His solo shows include among others:  “Experimentation and reassessment of the strategies around theTest of Man in the rain” 30 Sao Paulo Biennial, Brasil; “Principles for a Specular Manifesto” in Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario (2013/2014); "Who desires and does not act breeds the plague. We must be our most ruthless ruthlessly censors" (2012) in  Oscar Cruz gallery, San Pablo;"Thus passes the glory of the world," Alberto Sendrós Gallery Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011); A series of watercolors "Hollywood does not love you forever" in Polinesia Gallery of Sao. Paulo (2009), "The Fortress of Solitude" video installation in the Gallery Alberto Sendrós Buenos Aires(2008); "April is the cruellest month” (2007) at APPETITE gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina; NN at La Fabrica Gallery in Madrid, Spain, and at the Spain Cultural Center in Buenos Aires(CCEBA). His work is part of the important international collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario.

Project : “Personal annotations over the 48 volumes of the Globus collection”

The Globus collection is intended to be a synthesis of modern twentieth-century painting  in 48 volumes, through european eyes. The work presented at DOT 51 by Martin Legón comes complete with a reading of the entire collection. According to some accounts, the task revealed some details of many minor works, their authors and on the synthesis itself. After the reading of each book, there were a sum of notes and details that drew up a specific mental map of the object of study with intrinsic and personal value.

These notations are cut out from a cut, unique and close assessments of specificities wich by focusing, exposing and centralizing, charge a sense of closeness, not only about their own lives and works of these authors but on Legón’s own life as an artist, as a reader, and ultimately as a reflection on the fleeting and unstable particular creations. In this fragility rests its beauty.


Ariel Cusnir

Buenos Aires 1981 

Lives in Buenos Aires. 

Studied sculpture at the National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Japanese watercolor Yamada and Art Thomas Paul Siquier, Ernesto Ballesteros and Leo Estol. Currently he is a fellow at the Center for Artistic Research. In 2000 he created the art gallery Vanguardia with Paul Insurralde in a suburb of the city, since its inception, he was part of the project and gallery Appetite.

His solo exhibitions are “Thieves in The Factory”, Buenos Aires (2014), Oscar Cruz Gallery, Sao Paulo (2013), “Los Indios”, Zavaleta Gallery (2011), “Taking Lives”, Fernando Pradilla Gallery, Madrid (2008), “Rio Abajo”, Centro Cultural Recoleta (2007), “Almost”, Appetite Gallery (2006), “Hidden City”, CC Recoleta (2005). His work is included in public and private collections in the United States, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Peru and Argentina. It is part of the group teaching Secondary Project Liliana Maresca, along with Leandro Tartaglia and Lorena Bossi and professor of art at the Tres de Febrero University.


Of all our natural abilities, it seems to me that memory stands out among the rest. When we recall these memories, vivid images appear in our minds. As we continuously revisit these memories, they form more compact associations as symbols or signs which eventually replace the original memories altogether. These symbols for many reasons can obfuscate other memory archives and we would hardly notice. 

The watercolor imaginary in general doesn’t subscribe to the canons of the painting tradition. So memory itself doesn’t carry that weight, and images may pass freely one after the other. 

I can critically define myself on this point. Nevertheless I am more vulnerable while using other less familiar aesthetic models. It is paradoxical that simply by pausing over an image, active reflection on the painting begins.

About Appetite Gallery: 

APPETITE was started in 2005 by Daniela Luna. It generated so much interest that soon many galleries, new and old, opened their doors in the once desolate neighborhood of San Telmo, transforming the area into one of the main contemporary art districts of Buenos Aires. It was amply covered by most mainstream and international press, including The New York Times, CNN, and Time Out magazine. It quickly became famous for putting new artists on the map, for its openings and parties, and for its own originality in every APPETITE presentation.

APPETITE opened its second Argentinian branch in 2006. During 2007/2008 APPETITE had a branch in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where it organized exhibitions and events. In 2008 it was the first Argentinian gallery invited to Frieze Art Fair, London. It was also featured in other local and international art fairs. It appeared in New York art fairs as well, including Pinta. APPETITE gallery-owner opened the gallery/concept store Tanto Deseo, and the clandestine club WarClub. In mid-2010 APPETITE closed the doors of its three Buenos Aires spaces, as Daniela Luna moved to Beijing, China, before settling down in Miami by 2013.

"In a horizon in which the most celebrated references of this first decade are already history, it becomes necessary to revise a peculiar trajectory such as APPETITE gallery, in all its brilliant, polemic and flamboyant edges. A meteoric rise, the consequent excessive over expansion - multiple ventures in Buenos Aires, New York, London - and finally, an explosion that led to the dismissal of a substantial part of its staff : the risky and vertiginous bet by Daniela Luna, counter to the cautious times that punctuate our institutions, is as unprecedented as singular in our environment." -Rafael Cippollini, notable critic from Argentinian newspaper La Nacion.



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