Pepe Lopez // Stairway to Heaven

Pepe Lopez

 Dot Fiftyone Gallery, in collaboration with Tanya Brillembourg,  is honored to present Stairway to Heaven. A solo exhibition of new works by artist Pepe López, in the Wynwood Art District, Miami, this summer, from May 30th through July 13th. 

About the artist:

 Pepe López, a Venezuelan born artist, has been producing artwork from 1988 through the present day. His work is based on a vast trajectory of diverse transmutation. López explores aspects of the map of the social spectrum through the translation of aesthetic codes while developing his perception and concepts in a prolific variety of mediums, such as installations, objects, collages, paintings, performances, photography, tapestry, video, sculptures and collective works. 


Selective exhibitions: 


La Sexualidad Contaminada (Sala Mendoza, Caracas, 1991) 

López Reus Paintings and Sculptures (Sala Mendoza, Caracas, 1995)   

Dick, head & roses (Gasworks Gallery and  InIVA, London, 1998)  

Mondrian Meets Hansaplast (Galerie 13 Sevigné-Baudoin Lebon, Paris, 2005) Oxigone Punk (Galerie 13, Jeannette Mariani, Paris, 2010)

 El despertar del amor (2002), Sugarfree (2002), Como en la Tele (2004) and A Sudá Calle (2005), collective projects organized by Pepe López in collaboration with artist Carlos Sosa at Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas, The puffin Foundation, New York and Sala Mendoza, Caracas.

 In 1992, he participates in the VI Eugenio Mendoza's Award with: Sueño Cosmico, an interactive, penetrable installation. 

 He has also exhibited at: I Bienal de Mercosur, in Brazil; 8th and 9th Havana Biennale; 2002 Hereford Photography festival and in at international art fairs consecutively such as: ARCO (Madrid), FIAC (Paris), CIRCA (San Juan), Pinta (New York and London). The artist has exhibited his work at Macro museum, (Rosario, Argentina)

 In 1998 López was awarded, by Unesco with the Aschberg prize, to work and exhibit in London.

 López co-edited, for 2 years with Leopoldo Iribarren, the literary magazine Criterion. 


About the show: Stairway to Heaven


In this show we can find a series of tapestry works titled "New York #3" and "Petare desde el Llanito", made out of a variety of tapes.Rhipsalis, sculptures series created from structures of broken umbrellas collected in the streets of Caracas.  A wool tapestry handwoven in India,  from the Big, Bang, Boom series is included in the exhibition as well.  

López has added to his show intervened images from the series Alto Claro,  photographies taken by the artist's grandfather Luis Reus in 1962 from a house designed by austrian-american architect Richard Neutra.

 Stairway to Heaven will be accompanied by the large scale collages named "Caracas Mapa #3 and #4" and "Mapa Boom #4".  

Employing technological methods to study and visualize urban topographies and social and cultural displacements phenomena, López has teamed up for this show with photographer Nicola Rocco intervening some of his images from the series Caracas Cenital.

 On view at Dot Fiftyone Gallery, 187 NW 27th St, from May 30th through July 13th, 2013



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