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Guillermo Riveros:

The artist’s project in his own words: 


Repossessed is a revision of my "27 project” (2010), which consisted of 13 photographic portraits of “dead-at-27” personalities I produced over the course of my own 27th year. 


A couple of years later I find myself still reflecting on the idea of time, and its connection with age and mortality. Since I began the project, I've been studying the lives of these characters, and its only until now that I feel I'm really starting to understand them, and this project. 


The project and I have had parallel evolutions, and this has solidified a strange relationship that is both erratic and organic.  Being at this point in my life and in time, has also made me question the exercise of art making. I decided for “Repossessed”, to produce some of the pieces in collaboration with other artists, in the vein of a hip hop album. 


The plan behind revisiting the "27" project is to explore themes of age, identity, relationships and time, inspired by mortality. It all started as I worked on a tribute piece for Amy Winehouse last year, after her passing. I had done a portrait of/as her (while she was still alive, and 26) sitting on the ledge of a window, back in 2010 when I originally shot the "27" project. A little over a year later, Amy died at 27, and I was coincidentally in the same apartment where I shot myself as her. It was a very surreal moment.


The pieces presented at my exhibition at Dot Fiftyone Gallery, are a compilation of techniques, habits, themes and obsessions that have been part of my artistic process so far, since a very young age. Masculinity, sexuality, pornography, music, death, relationships, mythology, are among these. It combines installation with photographs, videos, sound pieces, performance and other media. I traditionally work with myself as the central subject of the pieces, to evoke and recreate other identities, entities, and/or versions of my own self. The project is a living being, made up of many pieces, a sort of Frankenstein monster. 



Guillermo Riveros right after finishing art school, back in 2006 at the Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia (country where was born) and later in 2009 the BFA in illustration at Parsons (the New School for Design), New York - NY , Guillermo Riveros was invited to be part of the national young artist's show at the museum of modern art of Bogota, by Jaime Ceron, (one of the most important contemporary curators in Colombia). Since then he has the opportunity to participate in several group shows around the world with many inspiring artists for him, including names such as Anthony Goicolea, Nan Goldin and Michael Wolf. In the past year Riveros has been working in collaboration with his life partner, (the writer) Gregory Wazowicz, as the duo "The Other Half of the Orange", on a documentary project titled Farväl. Guillermo Riveros work is part of contemporary collections in Europe and the Americas, and has been featured in publications worldwide. He lives and works in NY – New York. 


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