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Jose Luis Landet

Artist Mauro Giaconi wrote the following piece about his friend Jose Luis Landet, with whom he has exhibited in collective shows in Mexico City and Buenos Aires:

As if eternally jet lagged from the escape of comfort, the artist returned to the southernmost south and made himself productive. The hardest of laborers, a fearless painter and natural talent that produces without hesitation, he lives as if this were his only truth, creating without a second thought and observing without the slightest fear of ridicule. His work breaks an existing silence with a shout; he knows this and perhaps it is what gives him peace, letting the good deal with the bad. Here is where it gets complicated, where it is meant to be complicated, as he squints and paints the last memory that was lost. A chill runs up and down his spine as the darkness of an idea that has been submerged almost 4 kilometers into his soul re-emerges in his work. With one last attempt and to conclude, I would like to say something, I would like to try to say something, to give an idea, a message, a hint, or thought. I want to try to say something that captures the times I have tried to say it: the object is to gain a feeling by ridding it of meaning. – 

“No interpretation needed here, everything is black and white and moves in line or blots. These ink drawings scavenge the tripes and guts of the formal vs. the philosophical. One can begin to see the connections between the need to decorate the world around and the recreation of a world, the private milieu of the artist. Landet is taking the strides, leaving us wondering whether just a little bit of sameness can produce a whole wave of change in the species.” – José Springer for FlashArt.

In a recent interview by with Jose Luis Landet by Jennifer Lamaide the artist expressed about his exhibition Sesera,

Not anyone thing specifically inspires Argentinean artist Jose Luis Landet, he feels creating art is a form of expression for him to communicate with the world. His motivation to be an artist was initiated at seven years of age by working with his uncle, a sculpture. Landet comments, “There’s no other way for me, this is what life gave me to do.” He continues, “There is no questioning it, it is what it is.”

Today what inspires him is the actual art process and the creative time he spends in his studio. He muses, “It is like a laboratory, a space for exploration and discovery.” He seeks to push himself to connect with the human experience in his work. He uses different mediums to challenge limits. He says, “The medium is the representation of an experience.” He searches for the outcome with testing the limits and every time somehow he finds it, whether negative or positive.

His perspective on Miami was one of observing art that is fresh and meaningful. He felt it was important to show in Miami because it is a cosmopolitan city similar to what sociologist Dr. Nestor Garcia Cancilini,

said about Miami, it is the capital cultural city of Latin America.

Landet’s future projects consist of having a residency this year in Peru at Revolver Gallery for one month.

Jose Luis Landet was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977. The artist currently lives and works between his native Buenos Aires and his second home of Mexico City. Landet has shown his work all over the world and has participated in popular fairs like Scope Art Fair (Miami and NY), MACO art fair (Mexico City), and Artissima (Torino, Italy) among many, many others. He received his formal education in the visual arts from La Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado: La Esmeralda (e.n.p.e.g) in Mexico City, and has since then participated in countless workshops and seminars.


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