Leslie Gabaldon // Goody Two-Shoes

Leslie Gabaldon

Dot Fiftyone presented solo exhibitions of female artist: Leslie Gabaldón’s Goody Two-Shoes. On the first floor, Leslie Gabaldón continued with her theme of domestic life in her new series Goody Two-Shoes. The title is a phrase that has become part of the popular culture used to describe, in an ironic and pejorative way, someone who is ‘excessively good.’ Gabaldon, inspired by this phrase in an autobiographical manner, made life-sized cutouts of herself wearing only underwear, in the tradition of paper dolls waiting to be dressed in their various outfits. These realistic-looking “paper dolls” greet you at the central wall of the exhibition, and behind them are hanging paper dresses in a 50s fashion, ready to be used. By mimicking a traditional game for girls, she is talking about the face many women show to society, presenting themselves as the image of perfection. Gabaldón, in a revisionist fashion, questions the motives behind such ‘virtuousness’. Is it real, or is it part of the obsessive and perfectionist contemporary society? She is criticizing the way many women are embarking on a pursuit for an unreal perfection at any cost, pushing themselves to the very limit no matter what they have to sacrifice in the process.  As Machiavelli would say: the end justifies the means.

By Irina Leyva-Pérez


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