Yanina Szalkowicz // Atmospheric Rates

Yanina Szalkowicz

Atmospheric rates -  inspirational concept  Szalkoiwcz exhibition.

- Or representation atmospheric rates –

They can be measured like the environmental humidity or pressure. 
Parameters typical of the representation universe that to a higher or lower extent are surrounding us. In the same way as the real things have rates, amounts of something in the environment, so does representation. They are percentages of irony, beauty, mental rest, visual enjoyment.  

In situations of high representation atmospheric rates they can generate a significant visual pollution level, highly recommended for austere or minimalist people.  

In an environment that protects them, they obtain lyrics, in not protected environments, they obtain irony. 

“Thermal sensation of representation”.

The presence of excessive atmospheric rates can cause generation and proliferation of psycho-obsessive diseases of collecting them with trend to decorative baroquism.  However a sensation of being immerse in a simulated almost artificial pleasant beauty could be generated. 

To get to know the concentration levels of the main ornamental agents or lack of them, environmental monitoring stations are placed, in areas considered of high risk. Such as walls, columns, floors and ceilings.

Based on data provided by specialized entities, the values of atmospheric rates are known and the necessary decisions are made to avoid exposing us to excessive amounts of them or total lack of them and not to have any type of disease of the abovementioned ones. Although studies performed in Argentina have determined  that individuals living in environments with high atmospheric levels reach higher happiness levels in those areas. Also, it has been determined that environments that are too much wide-open cause sensations such as shut off wishes, hyperactivity, boredom or excessive hours watching TV. 

Atmospheric pressure has been determined in more than a kilogram per square centimeter of surface but, however, we cannot notice it (for this reason, for thousands of years, men considered air with no weight). Representation atmospheric rates are measured for their layers density, the surface they occupy, their iconicity degree and chromatic pallet. The happiness degree caused by that object is not perceivable either. 

We hear every day in the newscast the weather forecast or weather rates of each region, however, each of us has a different perception on the ideal temperature in which we would like to live everyday.

¿With which representation atmospheric rates degree do you like to live? 

*Some of the main concepts were provided by artist Mariano Grassi.


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