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Eduardo Capilla


Be advised:

EGO x GEO event is for mature audience only. Involves nude bodies. Your viewing is at your own discretion.

Renato Rita SXII

EGO X GEO presents the combination of the flower’s and the human symbolism -lei motif of occidental art-, where sexuality, in both cases, is exposed to be admire; its seduction is so powerful that captures and fascinates the spectator. The artist, a man enchanted by that power, chooses to combine those perspectives in a sort of“Contemporary Ikebana” as he defines it, where even if he seeks for an aesthetic result in the way he distributes the formal elements as well as the postures of the bodies, there is no tension or forced movements, but absolute harmony. The human body is the continent,  symbolically and concretely contains not only  own life and charm, but the one represented and presented in the elegant dance between flowers and body, where the combination of both becomes an “object of desire” that seduces universally.


EGO X GEO presents Mother Nature, absolutely stripped of any kind of trick, showing its magnificence and splendor

Eduardo Capilla tries to show in the outside a shape growing from the inside, an essence. The will present in his art works is the appreciation of natural beauty, including the human body, as the safest road to achieve welfare. But this beauty carries an attitude that symbolizes the sacrifice that the artist believes all humans should assume before the divine creation. Following these thoughts, that sacrifice also symbolizes the imminent need to modify the way we relate and interact with each other and the surrounding world.

In EGO X GEO, his purpose is to get rid of individualism and focus inintegration instead. The artist pursues equilibrium in the cohabitation of the different parts and elements of the world, always respecting nature’ssupremacy. He disposes the bodies as flower vases holding delicate floral arrangements that symbolize, such as in the Ikebana, the universe and its magnitude; Capilla establishes a dialogue, some kind of communication with that ideal.

The photographs of the series - photographs used as documents of the art works, some of them taken in the studio and others were the result of performances where the public was invited to participate of the visual experience the artist proposed - we find out he translates, from his spot in the world nurture by the occidental culture, the powerful symbolic meaning kept within the oriental art of the Ikebana. Nature’s beauty, its growth and development, would be the main engine of his Ikebana. In orient, “beauty” is found locked inside the seed and will grow till it turns into a plant or a flower. The codes in oriental philosophy are much subtle than the ones occident has on how to understand what is beautiful of not; concepts that occident tried to impose as the one and only worldwide. In EGO X GEO, the artist learns from that ancestral knowledge orient provides and recreates a sacred place where nature itself develops, using as support, the body in representation of the human kind.



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