Armando Romero // Absurd World

Armando Romero

May, 2005 - “Absurd World”, recent works by the Mexican artist, Armando Romero.   



Armando Romero is one of the most refined rescuers of the Mexican painting that actually is working. Since his art began to impose itself on the attention of the spectator through his participation in exhibitions and contests this artist, who initially declared himself a sculptor in his student stage, has become the center of interest for various groups belonging to the international artistic field such as: collectors, gallery owners, critics, connoisseurs, cultural promoters, curators, museum officials.

Once an art critic described Romero’s work as blackboards of a teacher with a greater interest in moral preaching that in historical teaching, the painting receives in writing the resounding aphorisms about aesthetics, ethics and sociology…. 

Armando Romero has been a teacher of art history and therefore a worshipper of the masters of yesterday. Each artist has his own heroes in this world; various naturally coincide in their appraisal of the so-called “ Old Masters”

This artist who is emerging as the one new master of the Mexican art, is sure of his formulations and devotion. His technical resources are elaborated, sophisticated and multiple. These aim at an intentional subversion tending to remove from the oil painting all humid and saturated substance, converting it to dry painting, like those made in Provenza at the end of the XIX century, or as those practiced many times by Rufino Tamayo.

Romero occasionally seeks to endow his paintings with blurred or even deteriorated effects in some of their borders, which contributes to a garret effect produced on the spectator.

Born in Mexico City in 1964, Armando Romero studied at the National Academy of Sculpture, and painting and engraving at " La Esmeralda" in Mexico City, additional studies from 1983 to 1991 at this academy with different modern master in Mexican art. He has taught Arts at " La Esmeralda" from 1995 to 1997. He has won many important awards in different art institutions such as The Rufino Tamayo Biennale, Johnnie Walker Biennale at the Museum Of Modern art in Mexico City, among other, he has been chosen to represent Mexico, in the U.S., Central America, and Europe. Works and lives in Mexico City.

The Museum Of Modern Art, Mexico City, will host Armando Romero murals exhibition, next December 2005. He is currently working in a mural commissioned by the Mexican tycoon Carlos Slims.


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